June 2021 · 3 minute read

Every Day Life

Every Day Life is a short album of spontaneous improvisations I made at Port William Sound studio. Two of the tracks feature duets with Jonas Bonnetta, who also engineered the recordings. It features some field recording contributions from longtime collaborator J. Sinibaldi.

Trembling Aspen

A series of solo improvisations for classical guitar and upright bass. Recorded in September 2019 and March 2020. Released on February 5th 2021.

Soft Melody Maker

“Slow Man Tofu’s ​Soft Melody Maker​ is, in its themes and some of its presentation, innately familiar and soothing, it is also conversely, in its myriad idiosyncrasies, uniquely disconcerting. What the world needs now is work which transcends binary emotional posturing; which, antithetical to contemporary algorithmic production, doesn’t rely on the psychic conventions of genre, and which stands, lyrically as well as musically, both stoic and delighted, warm and cryptic, subjective yet rational. ​Soft Melody Maker ​not only provides these nuances; it eloquently narrates them, and assigns them to the world in which we live.” - Michael C. Duguay

Diary Tape

This recording uses audio diary entries and long-form solo improvisations on upright bass, synths, banjo and drums. I had the idea in mind to fill two sides of a 40 minute tape with two 20 minute long compositions. Here it is in its entirety.


The largest-scope Slow Man Tofu album - Steer - was co-produced by myself and Matt Rogalsky of Memory Device (PS I Love You, The Gertrudes). Guest drummers Andy Love and Arden Rogalsky invaluably lent their skills to the recordings. Special thanks to Katie Beth for backing vocals on two of the tracks and to Jared Mackay for some banjo pickin’.


Magicmouth is a release of 5 lengthy improvised works for guitar, voice, and midi instruments. Recorded and self-produced at the Halifax Central Library Media Studios in the Fall of 2016, they capture a lot of sadness reflecting on living in Fenwick Towers, and some of the skills and aesthetic direction I learned through the suddenlyListen series.

Calm Me Down

I released CALM ME DOWN, a 5 song EP, in November 2015. It was recorded and mixed by Jonas Lewis Anthony, and mastered by Colin Richards. We did a little launch party called ‘Dirty Clothes Presents’, which also launched our little record label.

OxFF0 / Ø

In January 2015 I recorded a double album as two separate bands, but drawing from the same pool of songs. Named at the time Slow Man Tofu and Slow Man Seitan, the double album was called OxFFO / Ø. OxFFO was more straight up with a 5 piece band, while Ø was a 2 piece recording and did some more experimentation, and got way louder. A fun mix!