Touring Ontario + Québec

September 2017 · 2 minute read

Nautical Chart

Tonight the Caravan Stage Company performs its last show in Vancouver on False Creek. It’s been fun being the Sound Engineer on this tour that wraps up at the end of the month. Nine months living on a boat and travelling the seas has been a long time. I’m excited to get back to making music more often, and for a Slow Man Tofu tour this autumn!

Today I’m releasing details for 9 tour dates scheduled for late November in Ontario and Montréal. Many of the dates I’m performing with the talented and innovative Del Stephen. Joining me on drums for some of the concerts will be Andy Love. I’ve invited some really stellar performers to join the shows in particular cities, including ELMS, Jonathan Davies, Slow Collapse, Xiao Xuan, Skin Tone, and others. Two of the shows will be devoted to experimental and improvised music, including a stop at Array Space in Toronto and at 185 Van Horne in Montréal. More info and links can be found on my shows page.

Last week I released a new set of music called Magicmouth. Two of the songs were released previously on Soundcloud. I added 3 news ones from the same recording sessions for a total of five lengthy improvised jams for guitar, voice, and midi instruments. Please listen and enjoy!


Lately I’ve been thinking about how ghosts impregnate a lot of the world, imbuing the present with intentions from the past, informing the direction our world is headed. Ghosts are everywhere, both troubled ghosts seeking justice, and benevolent, calm ghosts that enrich our experience of place.

Happy Labour Day, everybody.