June 2017

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David Parker Photo:Sian Alcorn Slow Man Tofu Slow Man Tofu. Photo:Jane Kirby Dance Flower Dance Flower. Cred: Dance Flower David playing synths 12CAT live karaoke band fundraiser. Cred: Sian Alcorn David video shoot April 2018 A still from a video shoot by Sian Alcorn, April 2018. Light and Laughter Brigade The Light and Laughter Brigade in Niagara Falls. Cred: Del Stephen 2017 Tour Trio at CFRC Del Stephen, Jeff Sinibaldi and David Parker after our CFRC in-studio performance. Cred: Del Stephen David in the CD shelves Among the CD shelves at CFRC radio. Cred: Del Stephen Fire Moss at Poisson Noir, Montreal Fire Moss at Poisson Noir, Montreal. Cred: James Willoughby David and Andrew, Union Gallery Here I am playing upright bass with Andrew Burrows on the drums at Union Gallery, Queen’s University, 2014. Cred: Matt Rogalsky Wearable sensor, Oakville A little wearable sensor I created for a contemporary circus performance. Slow Man Tofu, Bar Robo, Ottawa Slow Man Tofu, Bar Robo, Ottawa. Sound Check, Montreal Sound checking for a Wire Tones performance, Montreal. Cred: Moonriser Slow Man Tofu, St. Catharines Slow Man Tofu, Mahtay Cafe, St. Catharine’s. Cred: Moonriser Slow Man Tofu 4-piece, Kingston Slow Man Tofu 4-piece band, circa 2015. OxFF0 album release and album artwork OxFF0 album release and album artwork. First show poster Very first show poster. Fire Moss, Artel Fire Moss performing at the Artel, Kingston. Beneath Our Feet, Kick and Push Performing in Beneath Our Feet, Kick and Push Festival, Kingston. Digital Media Residency, Modern Fuel My setup during a digital media residency at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre.