Diary Tape

April 2019

Diary Tape album cover

In 2018 I experienced some upheaval that lead to intense emotions. At the same time I was processing recent life events from 2016 and 2017 that had thrown my daily life upside down. I moved several times, traveled and gave up many of my material possessions. 2018 was overwhelming for me, especially early on, but there were moments of light and lucidity.

The idea for this tape came out of some recording sessions with friends. My bandmate and I were using interviews she had recorded on tape, manipulating those tapes and playing instruments along to the interviews. It inspired me to make something more personal involving my own voice and thoughts in audio format, as a sonic element alongside stretches of improvised musical passages.

I used a variety of instruments each of which lent itself to a particular path of composing. Each one had it’s own personality and I arranged them to complement the feelings and thoughts from the spoken word passages.

I don’t really know what this is supposed to be, it doesn’t sound like quite anything I’ve done before, nor anything that I’ve listened to. Although it does remind me of some of those early God Speed You Black Emperor albums with the spoken word bits. I don’t know what to file it under.

I had the idea in mind to fill two sides of a 40 minute tape with two 20 minute long compositions. Here it is in its entirety.